Simple Magic. Simple Humor. Simply Entertaining.

With more than 30 years experience, Entertainer and Magician Lyndy Phillips performs a show that combines simple and amazing magic with simple and clean humor to amaze and entertain audiences. No big stage or production. No rabbits or tigers. Only a masterful blend of clean humor, amazing sleight of hand, and fun audience involvement for an intimate magical evening.

A VIP Magic Parlor is an immersive 45-60 minute magic experience for VIP members/guests.

Each show is performed in an intimate setting with 10-75 VIP members/guests, so everyone can experience the show up-close.

VIP Magic Parlors are performed for after-dinner entertainment or a stand-alone show with theater style seating.

  • High-impact entertaining magic and mind reading.

  • Highly interactive audience participation.

  • Humor and comedy that's fun and clean. 

  • Performed up-close in an intimate atmosphere.


Magic Parlor Show with theater style seating in West Jefferson, NC

Audience Descriptions about the Show


"You come expecting something but it's beyond your expectations. My cheeks are still hurting from laughing because I haven't been to a magic show where you laugh so hard!"

"The show was fun, entertaining and amazing! Great energy and participation. I would definitely come to another show!!"

"My wife and I attended Lyndy’s show for a fun evening out and were not disappointed. He was fun and engaging and his magic was amazing! His magical talent and humor along with a relatively small setting made it a very special evening."

"GREAT SHOW!!!! Lyndy Phillips’ show was a small, intimate show that was incredible. He is funny and an amazing magician that makes you feel at home."

"Great home spun comedy with entertaining magic show! We thoroughly enjoyed the evening!! Lyndy was great and he involved the audience in a fun casual way! Perfect atmosphere!"

"I love to be baffled. It was a pleasure watching you do things that can’t be done. Thanks for a fun evening. The mix of comedy and laughter was delightful."